Apr. 12th, 2010

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The latest storm is because a Bangel-centric thread about the comics got linked to in SD Herald or something like that.  I've read the thread in question, and it contains a lot of opinions that I disagree with.  But I think my corner of the fandom is taking it too seriously.  We all have our corners of the web -- and that thread is their corner.  In our respective corners we have places where we feel free to let our hair down a bit and say what we want.  That's especially true on an LJ.  

Do we sometimes have mean and unkind things to say about others?  You betcha.  Sometimes it's legitimate criticism.  Sometimes we say things with a bit more enthusiasm.  My own latest infraction was taking a bit of glee when I remarked that # 34 was going to be spun by Bangels as working for their ship (even though I still fail to see how ending the world by having a porn fest while 206 of your friends just got butchered is an affirmation of teh romance) and was immediately rewarded with a post on BF by a Bangel saying #34 was just wonderful for Bangels.  The poster in question seems to make a point of replying to my posts whether I'm addressing her or not in a manner I find distinctly unpleasant.  So yeah, I enjoyed getting a few licks in on my LJ.   I left it unflocked because I figured if they were in the habit of policing what I say in my LJ they deserve to hear what they hear.

Is it the best side of human nature?  No.  Not at all.  And I always feel bad afterward.  I've put the Bangel in question on my ignore list so I can get out of brawl mode.  

The Bangel thread that everyone is talking about is unpleasant.   I also think their view of the comics is pretty wacky.  But they haven't been aggressors here.  Aggression would be going on to public forums saying those things or on to the LJ's of people they hate and saying those things.   They haven't done that.  And since everyone bashes others in private I don't think they deserve to be chastised for having done some bashing in a zone that is their zone.



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