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Apologies to those tired of comic wank; but I continue to be interested.

Disjoint thoughts about the first big comic day we've had in a while.

1.  While I've been altogether too militant about my lack of love for IDW, I'm only muted-happy about the apparent news that AtS is going back to Dark Horse.  I very much do want both stories under one house.  I don't think that guarantees a good outcome, but IDW just hasn't looked promising.  Remember that I'm the wierdo who didn't even like Lynch's stuff very much -- and he's Shakespeare compared to what came after.  Still it's obviously really devastating some fans, and that's painful to see.  So my feelings are ambivalent.  They're also on hold because who knows what's really going on here.

I've tended to defend DH in its dealings with IDW.  We'll see how this develops, but it really does look pretty crappy on DH's side based on the appearances.  The announcement seems to clearly have caught IDW off guard.  What does that mean, anyway?  Weird.  

2.  Riley!  I think this is a nicely written, tight issue.  What have we learned?

* Angel's plan really was to strip Buffy of all of her power.  That makes him responsible in my book for all the carnage in Retreat.  In addition to learning Angel's plan, we learn that he mustered the army and gave the orders. 

* He has a good reason, though!  Whistler has popped in to tell Angel that he's seen all the future time lines and if Angel doesn't do all this Twilight gig, if he lets Buffy in on what's going on, he and Buffy fight a losing battle side by side (so romantic) and the world is destroyed.  Poor Angel had no choice but to save the world by turning Buffy into a pawn.  (And Angel explicitly says that's what he's doing; it feels wrong to him, but that's the price of saving the world!!)  Whistler approves:  Torture the cheerleader, save the world.

* Can we breath a sigh of relief and say that Angel's character has been saved?  Not in my book.  And I don't think in this book, either.  Riley's story is there to contrast with Angel's and Riley chooses to serve Buffy rather than the world.  The bottom line is that Angel has faith in Whistler's prophecies, Riley has faith in Buffy.  We get more compare and contrast by seeing that Riley and Sam are totally equals.  No way would Riley do anything manipulative behind Sam's back.  Finally, Angel's pages (which parallel Riley's) are all dark, while Riley's are light.  I'm pretty sure that we're not going to get an outcome where turning Buffy into a tortured pawn was the only way to save the world.  If we do get that, I'm ready to go with my pitchfork.

*  Angel's story also doesn't match up with his distinct lack of concern in #35 that following Whistler's instructions lead to the end of the world not the salvation of the world.  So who knows.  (You knew that was going to be my last line, right?  Indeed, we are still waiting to see what the heck is going on).

* Ha!  A different last line.  There's also a nice section on Riley and Sam being together as a choice and not because of binding ties.  I tend to think that's a commentary on Bangel as well.

* There are some other nice details.  I just like the way this book is written.  Nice resonances.  Nice parallels. 

3.  The Angel series.  I can't help but like Mariah.  She may not do it perfectly, but she works so hard to connect with the fans and keep things on an even keel.  So I skimmed the Angel book in the store today to see if I'm ready to come back to the fold.  I'm not.  But it's not as outrageous as it could be.  Spike is foggy about what happened with Felicia, suggesting he's less than culpable.  The fact that Spike earned his soul gets an airing.  We get the nice observation that from Spike's POV, Angel got his soul as a *gift*.  It make sense to me that Spike might see it that way -- totally evil Angelus gets zapped with a soul and he's the champion of the world.  That said, Spike is definitely not aware that he's lost his soul and that bugs me.  Maybe they'll concoct an explanation -- but how can a guy lose the soul that he took so much trouble to get and which made such a big difference (to him, at least) and not notice?  Ergo, they got no pennies from me.  Instead, I made a date with myself to re-read[ profile] elisi's delightful story about what happens when Spike loses his soul in season 5.   I didn't read the non-Spike related stuff so I can't comment on their story as a whole.  Bad things are afoot, no doubt.

Two weeks until we find out what happens the third time Spike comes dramatically crashing into Buffy's world.  I'm ridiculously excited about it.  If I were in possession of my faculties, I'd be beside myself with worry, but I'm 90% anticipation, and only 10% apprehension.  I puzzle myself.

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