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Needless to say (!) I'm really happy about the preview pages.  It could get me to revert to being a Spuffy.

But aside from wanting (like crazy) to speculate about Buffy's smile and Spike's not-made bed, here are three things that Dark Horse has delivered us about Spike:

1.  It's now text that Spike has a more sizeable package than the other vampire.  Proof?  You don't boast to your ex about your package when she's in a position to make a direct comparison with your rival unless you think that comparison works for you.

2. Spike went to college.  OK, this was pretty much a given -- but now it's unmistakeable.

3.  He's got some sophisticated tastes underneath that bad rude exterior.

How many ways can I possibly say how happy I am that he's back at DH and being written by folks who know that there's more to Spike that womanizing and brawls?

Allie deserves a shout out on this.  So here's me, shouting out.

Finally: does that scene not reek of "Trust is for old marrieds, Buffy"?  I'll take it over space boinking and bestest day ever shenanigans any day of the week.
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